Wah.. menjadi ikutan plak nowadays utk ada blog sndr. x kesahla as diary ke, as tempat lepas geram ke, as wtever pn. cuma, nasihat ikhlas dr Shehan'zStudio, be careful of wut hv been written by u. wokey? hehehe..

since this is my 1st post to this Blog, so, just wanna introduce the purpose of this Blog je dlu. Brand 'Shehan'zStudio' was established since I was in UIA. "Established" refers to the creation of that name & my room waktu tu djadikan 'studio' bcoz I kn ada business that time. Most of my customer have to lepak at my room. D stulah timbulnya idea utk menamakan my room tu as Shehan'zStudio. Well, it is my dream as well. Utk bukak studio one day. X kesahlah studio jamming ke.. hahaha.. But, I'm more interested in Photography la.. ;p 

So..just stop for a while & will continue soon after I've got new ideas on what else i should write up. heheheh..;p

this logo is created on 31.3.2011.. juz edit this photo in this entry.