As Tupperware Consultant, perkara ini sebenarnya adalah PERLU utk menaikkan semangat supaya berjaya seperti orang lain. Pada 28.5.2011, Mommy & sahabat Mommy yang baik hati lagi cun melecun, ADIRA ADNAN, telah dijemput oleh upline kami, Abang Cipul [senior debate UIA dlu] utk ke satu event organized by Tupperware Brands Malaysia @ One World Hotel.

So, perkara yang wajib dibuat ialah MEMINTA IZIN SUAMI. hehehe.. Anakku yang comel lotey tuh, tpksa di nurserykan oleh si hubby.. ;p Before pegi, Mommy makeupkan anak mommy yg sorang tu dlu. Rindunya nk kena tinggalkan dia..
Nampak x? Hannah Damia pakai Eyeshadow, ok! ;p

Gambar2 kat atas nih b4 masuk hall

Bukti eden masuk dalam.. ;p

Event ni utk sampaikan penghargaan kepada director2 yang berjaya dalam perniagaan Tupperware. Mcm Mommy, post mommy adalah Consultant. Kiranya, director nih atas giler2 la dr Mommy. Dah berjaya rekrut ramai anak buah.. Gitew la lebey kurang..

Ini RANKnya [dr junior ke super power! heee]:

Consultant-->MOMMY kt sini lagi.. ;p
sedikit info ttg Consultant nih: When you purchase the kitbag, you become a consultant and are automatically qualified to purchase the products at dealer's price. This price is less than normal retail price so that you can make a profit when you sell it to a customer. Inside your kitbag you get some Tupperware products sample, you will also get some vouchers that is your welcome gift, so that you are able to purchase more products cheaper as samples for your Tupperware party. I advise you to take advantage of these vouchers because the investment you make to get the product samples will be advantageous to you. Even if you do not sell them, you can either use them for your parties OR in your kitchen so you can find out firsthand and how useful these containers are. Remember, you must make a purchase of RM150.00 retail value so that your membership is counted for. It is for the benefit of your recruiter. You will not be counted as a new member if you do not initiate the purchase within 21 days of joining. Consultants have to maintain a minimum of RM500.00 sale per year, or subscribe to Inspira Magazine at RM30.00 per year. If you fail to fulfill these conditions, your membership will be void, your card is no longer valid for you to make a purchase at any Tupperware Service Center at dealers' price.

Rank seterusnya:-
Star Consultant
VIP Consultant
Director-in-Qualification (DIQ-temporary rank for 1-3 months only)
One Star Director
Three Star Director
Five Star Director
Associate Executive Director
Executive Director
Senior Executive Director
Presidential Director --> ni lah SUPERPOWERNYA!!!

sumber: SINI

Perkara yang menarik minat mommy adalah yang pertama, ada DOORGIFT [heee..x suka hipokrit, so ngaku jer]. Then, setiap kali ada event macam nih, akan ada PELUANG MEMBELI BARANG TUPPERWARE yg HAMPIR 50% gak la punya diskaun. heeee.. Itu yg bes tuh.. ;p

dOORgIFT yang bakal diberi..

Ini DoorGift nya..
Punya besar. Nk compare, saje letak tepi kettle.
i'm looking forward to recruit more consultants. the fee is rm60 & u'll get tupperware set of 3 for free. Interested? Leave ur comments here.. ;p
Enjoiceee ur reading. Later..

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