Guiding Our Kids On Good Eating Habits

It is never too early to start cultivating good eating habits in your child. Here are some tips that you may find useful when feeding your little one.

Observe your child for signs that he is full. If he twists his head away from the spoon, wraps his face with tiny hands, sputters out his familiar foods, or thrusts it away, stop feeding him at that moment. Please do not force your little one to finish off everything on his plate.

Never reward your child with food for good behaviour as this will bring negative associations with food. As an alternative, give compliments or bear hugs to encourage his behaviour.

Do not hesitate to feed your child with a variety of foods. If he does not like a food, try it again later. Usually children are not accustomed with the new flavour and texture of the new foods. It may take you 10 to 15 tries before your child accepts a new type of food.

Even if you are increasing your child’s list of food options, keep on feeding iron-fortified infant cereals. By including this you are assured that he obtains sufficient iron, an essential nutrient for optimal growth and development.

Maintain a comfortable meal atmosphere. Stay positive and maintain your cool while feeding your child.


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