Let age be your guide.
For instance, 2-month-olds will delight in mobiles that move with the breeze, while 15-month-olds need a little more excitement — think pretend-cooking in a play kitchen. To get specific suggestions for toys that will make your child's eyes light up and grab his attention, simply read on the age category he belongs in below:

13 to 18 months
Your toddler is probably an active ball of energy by now. He’ll love balls, swings, and tiny climbing sets.
As his hands are more coordinated at this age, a climbing gym on which he can safely climb, hide, slide, and practice all his emerging motor skills, will give him hours of fun.

19 to 24 months
Your toddler learns what he can do by getting his hands into everything.
Toys with interlocking parts — pop-up toys, nesting toys, sorting toys, trucks with doors that open and shut, play kitchens with knobs and doors — can create endless opportunities for him to explore and push his limits.

25 to 30 months
By 2, your toddler is probably very active, so look for toys and activities that give him a way to channel his energy.
Riding tricycles is a hot favourite. Making art and music, and stacking and crashing construction toys like Lego and Duplos are also great fun.

31 to 36 months
As he gets older, your toddler will become increasingly imaginative. He will start developing his own story lines, characters, plots, and adventures.
This is the best time to give him some costumes and props for pretend play. With his imagination, he can transform something as simple as a cardboard box to a spaceship! 

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