Virgin Coconut Oil - in softgel capsules

Our Virgin Coconut Oil is in softgel capsule form for easy consuming and storage. Extracted through biotechnology's bacteria fermentation process, yielding up to 60% extraordinarily pure lauric acid .The increased content of lauric acid strengthens the body immune system.

What is Virgin Coconut Oil?
Virgin coconut oil is derived from fresh coconuts (rather than dried, as in copra). Most oils marketed as "virgin" are produced one of three ways:
The Content of Virgin Coconut Oil
The Benefits of Virgin Coconut Oil

"Never before in the history of man is it so important to emphasize the value of Lauric Oils. The medium chain fats in coconut oil are similar to fats in mother's milk and have similar nutriceutical effects."
Jon J. Kabara, PhD - Professor Emeritus, Michigan State University

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