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Victor Garber
Though he’s played straight roles in Sleepless in Seattle, Legally Blonde, and Alias, Victor Garber has been open about his sexuality, coming out publicly in 2012.

Neil Patrick Harris
The swagger, style and general coolness of Barney Stinson, character in CBS sitcom, How I Met Your Mother lines up perfectly with actor Neil Patrick Harris’s overall public persona. But, while Barney is an unashamed pick-up artist and womanizer, Harris is in a committed relationship with actor David Burtka.

Ian McKellen
While Gandalf transcends sexuality as a wise wizard, Mckellan has been openly gay for years, and publicly mentioned it on the talk show Anderson.

Jodie Foster
Saying she’s fought for privacy since being a child star as a young prostitute in Taxi Driver, Foster finally acknowledged her former life partner, Sydney Bernard in her speech at the 2013 Gordon Globes.

Zachary Quinto
Famous for the role as villian, Sylar, in NBC drama Heroes, and the hero, Spock, in the recent film reboot of Star Trek, Quinto has been openly gay since 2011 and speaks often about achieving equality for they gay community.



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