Mommy terbaca satu perbincangan mengenai anak autism yg seringkali mempunyai hobi yang sama. Susun. X kisah la apa sahaja yang mereka main, mereka suka susun. Memanjang, menegak, etc.

But then, ada sorg Mommy cakap, anak beliau bukan autism tapi GDD. Pun hobi menyusun.

Mommy tertarik. Apa pulak GDD? Kalau bukan autism, tapi GDD? Errmm..

So, AE kategori itu kah?
-sebab AE jenis suka kumpul & kawal apa yang dia main, tapi bukan kategori Autism.

Since pakar terapi cakap masa terapi pertuturan baru2 ni, AE xde ciri2 Autism sangat. Ermm..

Sorg lagi Mommy ada bg link INI untuk Mommy lebih faham.
Global Developmental Delay
Babies and children usually learn important skills such as sitting up, rolling over, crawling, walking, babbling (making basic speech sounds), talking and becoming toilet trained as they grow up. These skills are known as developmental milestones and happen in a predictable order and usually at a fairly predictable age. While all children reach these stages at different times, a child with developmental delay may not reach one or more of these milestones until much later than expected.
A child may be described as having global developmental delay (GDD) if they have not reached two or more milestones in all areas of development (called developmental domains). These areas are:
Causes of Developmental Delay

The causes of developmental delay can be separated into four categories:
-Asperger's syndrome
-Childhood disintegrative disorder
-Rett's syndrome
-PDD- not otherwise specified

Untuk lebih details, boleh baca SINI

What follows are warning signs for different types of delays that may show up from infancy to age 2. You will also learn about some of the causes of developmental delays and potential treatments.

Language and Speech Developmental Delays in Children

Speech delays in toddlers are common. In fact, language and speech problems are the most common type of developmental delay. Speech refers to verbal expression, including the way words are formed. Language is a broader system of expressing and receiving information, such as being able to understand gestures.

Possible causes. A variety of problems may cause language and speech delays, including:
Warning signs of speech or language delays. Contact your child's doctor if your child has any of the following signs at the age that's indicated. In addition, watch for any loss of skills that have already been learned.
By 3 to 4 months, contact the doctor if your child:
By 7 months, contact the doctor if your child:
By 1 year, contact the doctor if your child:
By 2 years, contact the doctor if your child:
**sambungan boleh baca SINI


- kalau risau apa2, baik tanya PAKAR.
- so, next appointment mungkin Mommy nak tanya pasal GDD nih

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